The All-New Dailymotion

A user experience-focused redesign makes the video platform more personal

Here at CH we can appreciate the immense amount of strategic thought that goes into a user experience-driven redesign. Dailymotion, the Vivendi-owned video platform, has relaunched in the US as part of a global rollout focused on creating a new, personalized video experience. The Dailymotion redesign puts a clear emphasis on topical and trending content by organizing videos seamlessly across key points of entry into the Dailymotion platform. Upon accessing the new desktop, iOS, or Android app, users go through a personalization process to follow brands and publishers based on their interests. The “For You,” “Explorer,” and “Library” categories quickly populate with content that is relevant and curated by Dailymotion’s premium content publishers.

“We’re pioneering a new paradigm for video in which people can more easily discover the content they love, in which advertisers can connect with consumers in a brand-safe environment, and in which publishers can extend the reach of their content to relevant, engaged audiences,” says Maxime Saada, CEO and Chairman of Dailymotion, on the relaunch.

CH is a premium publisher partner on Dailymotion; this relationship enables CH’s content to be promoted across the Dailymotion platform worldwide. The publisher partnership and new platform also provides us unique views into how users consume our content and patterns for how our content gets related to similar content across the genre. We caught up with Jolie Roberts, Head of US Sports Partnerships and Content Development, to discuss the new platform and our partnership. “Through Dailymotion’s vast global reach of 300 million unique visitors per month, Dailymotion’s redesigned platform aims to shine a spotlight on our most valued premium content and advertising partners. Dailymotion’s top priority is providing our users and premium partners with a curated experience through featured placement opportunities and an extra layer of promotional support around live events and notable content launches,” says Roberts. “As Dailymotion expands its presence as a destination for niche sports content, we are excited to work with Cool Hunting to bring viewers exclusive and cutting-edge automotive content.”

Under the hood, Dailymotion’s video player and video discovery algorithms allow brands and major media companies to extend the reach of their content and monetize that content. Dailymotion provides extensive technical information and support for their partners who use the Dailymotion player technology on their owned and operated properties.

“We believe that the key to delivering a powerful user experience is to offer a combination of the web’s best content alongside the best technology for recommending and serving that content,” says Guillaume Clément, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Product Officer at Dailymotion. “To this end, we’ve positioned ourselves as a leader in both content and technology, because this is what delivers on our mission of providing the very best video experiences for our users.”

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Images courtesy of Dailymotion