Bamboo Green Stash Jar

This hand-cast and glazed porcelain vessel from Arhoj can be used as a vase, a glass, stash jar, toothbrush holder—whatever works. The bamboo green glaze is one of many variations, so, you could start your own collection and amass all 50 in Arhoj’s Tokyo Series. The jar is dishwasher safe but because of its delicateness, hand-washing is recommended.

Monkey Pot

London-based artist Charlotte Mei handcrafts ceramic characters that are very cute, but avoid being saccharine—and are also always functional. From toast-shaped plates with rosy cheeks to little worm sculptures, many of her creations are limited edition—and the new Monkey Pot (available for pre-order now) has been made in a run of just 50. Hand slipcast and painted, this little monkey is perfect for housing a …

Biomorphic Vase

French designers Andrighetto & Miot specialize in creating nature-inspired glassware, all produced in their Mont de Marsan studio in France. The Biomorphic Vase mixes fluid glass with reclaimed wood, which will look great with or without flowers.