Kelly Lamb’s Ever Candles

Coconut wax you can burn for fragrance or use as a balm, housed in a geometric ceramic vase designed to last a lifetime

by Geren Lockhart


From a carriage house-turned-studio space atop a hill in LA, artist Kelly Lamb creatively transforms lumps of clay into sexy yet functional geometric objects. Lamb began infusing her fine art pedigree into furniture and home decor you want in your world 20 years ago, and her endeavors have seen her work exhibited at museums and galleries around the world, published in numerous magazines and become a highly sought after name for interior design projects.


Lamb founded KL Studios as part of a decision to keep her processes hands-on and close to home, in order to ensure the artistic and artisanal nature of the brand. With her team’s help, they create a majority of the brand’s product range on site, slip-casting objects in custom molds and firing them in the kiln. Their latest undertaking is a trio of handmade coconut oil candles created in scents matching Lamb’s favorite places and moments of the day.

kelly-lamb-ever3.jpg kelly-lamb-ever4.jpg

To create the scents that evoke dawn in Montauk, dusk in Los Angeles and midnight in Paris, Lamb collaborated with a perfumer, who used cosmetic-grade coconut wax so that it can be both a fragrant candle or rubbed in as body balm. The multi-functional gem is appropriately sophisticated and cinematic in its blend of bold, unique aromas, which leave you feeling immediately transported.


When you have made it to the end of the ceramic candle’s life, you are left with the Buckminster Fuller-like Ever Bud Vase and Planter, which is a collectible object on it’s own. Simple white with a crackled glaze, the vase allows flowers to really pop while adding an angular touch to an otherwise delicate display.

Ever Candles can be purchased directly from KL Studios for $80 each, or in person at the Mohawk General Store in Los Angeles.

Images by Geren Lockhart and courtesy of Kelly Lamb