Yours to Care For

Supercyclers reinvent plastic drinking straws as elegant little vases


Liane Rossler and Sarah Kings’s latest project, “Yours to Care For,” transforms approximately 1,000 recycled straws into charmingly simple, single-stem vases. The crafty concept is one of several sustainably-minded ideas they have brought to fruition while working under the moniker Supercyclers, a collaborative group they co-founded last year.

care-for2.jpg care-for3.jpg

Sydney-based King and Rossler are acutely aware of the damaging effects plastics have on the world’s oceans, and center much of their design work around recycling these common seawater pollutants. The vases—made from discarded plastic drinking straws—provide just one example of the Supercycler’s unique take on scavenging. Their combined talent also led to a range of elegant bowls made from the ubiquitous plastic bag—a DIY series dubbed “Plastic Fantastic.”

Simple, sustainable and elegant, the vases, which can be laid flat or propped up vertically, offer an easy way to add a little bit of green to your work area or living room. “Yours to Care For” can be purchased at London’s 19 Greek Street gallery house for approximately £2 each. For more information on upcoming exhibitions and some sustainable DIY projects, you can check out their site.