Thomas Fuchs Creative

Murano glass creations inspired by the natural world


Back in 2011, after serving as global creative director of Donghia—a brand best known for textiles—designer Thomas Fuchs met Michou Mahtani, then global brand director for Remy Martin Louis XIII. The encounter marked the perfect opportunity to bring to life Fuchs’ love of Murano glass, which was originally sparked when he was asked to create a lighting division for Donghia. Combining that passion with the unique sensibility Fuchs had developed over years in the design industry, the pair joined forces to launch Thomas Fuchs Creative.


“I have traveled a lot and have visited glass factories all over the world and I have yet to find a factory that can meet the finesse I have found in Italy,” Fuchs says about his affinity for Murano glass. “Plus, Venice is not a bad place to have to go for work, so that may play a part too.”

Fuchs’ Murano glass chandeliers, which you can find hanging in places like Bergdorf Goodman and Ritz-Carlton hotels, command the highest profile in the designer’s body of work, though they’re far from his most accessible. For those of us who have neither the space nor the tens-of-thousands of dollars to invest in a custom chandelier, Thomas Fuchs Creative has comprehensive lines of barware and vases guided by the same design principles.


The golden mean and natural patterns discovered during his extensive travels play a major role in Fuchs’s designs. Whether it’s the appearance of thinner, lighter sections shining out through the thicker, darker areas in the Safari vases or the perfectly chaotic looking facets on the Ombre glasses, Fuchs’ creations all have an organic look that belies their precision.


The richly exquisite appearance of Murano glass comes from an extremely complex process of craftsmanship dating back to the 14th century that offers unparalleled clarity of color. “I have been working with the maestros for many years and the process is still a little magic to me,” says Fuchs. “One day it is ash, pigment and sand, and the next day it is an object.”


Glasses are available from $30 and vases range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, depending on size and intricacy. You can find Thomas Fuchs Creative’s collections at a selection of top design stores across the world, including Maze Home in Chicago, Amo Eno in Hong Kong and Holland & Sherry Bespoke in New York City. For more information, visit their website.

Images courtesy of Thomas Fuchs Creative.