Laser-cut wooden vases painstakingly assembled by hand, piece by piece

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As an architect, Jon Kleinhample explored an “ideal aesthetic” through modern forms and daring techniques. Now, Kleinhample brings the same sense of exploration to Belgium-based fabrication studio LMBRJK, which takes a multi-disciplinary approach to creating custom art objects from natural materials.


Drawing on CAD-based methods of fabrication as well as traditional woodworking techniques, Kleinhample’s desire to create small, tangible objects (as opposed to large-scale building projects) culminated in LMBRJK’s Trillip vase series, made with both soft and hardwoods native to Slovenia. These abstract objects are constructed piece by piece using laser-cut wood forms. Taking inspiration from the beautiful curves and unrestrained lines of a tulip, the hundreds of layers are laid in place and sanded by hand by Kleinhample to create a curiously attractive topography. Given the painstaking assembly process, each vase is entirely unique.


With a few new collaborations in the works, Kleinhample plans to explore the possibilities of his Trillip vases even further. Find the LMBRJK Trillip vase series at JaegerSloan in NYC, Cirkus Ofis in Slovenia and online from JSx55. Each sells for $1660. For a closer look at the production process see the slideshow.