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Online Musical Time Capsule, 2020 Is A Song

Motivated by a feeling of numbness that was only remedied by music, interdisciplinary writer and editor Marisa Aveling created 2020 Is A Song—an online time capsule centered on “personal yet collective remembering.” A people-powered counterpoint to Spotify’s data-driven Wrapped, 2020 Is A Song calls for individuals all over the world to contribute a track that helped them through the year that was. An even sweeter and human touch, there’s a field to select the emotion you’d like your song filed under—be it rage, joy, hope, insanity, anxiety, sadness or love. Aveling teamed up with Naomi Abel and Chris Allick (friends and former colleagues) who designed and built the site, respectively. “The idea came about because after feeling numb for most of 2020, in the space of 24 hours two songs made me actually feel something,” Aveling tells us. “I thought surely this is a shared experience, and it seems like it has been.” Take a look and add your song at 2020 Is A Song.

Image courtesy of 2020 Is A Song

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