Portable and Tabletop Grills


Following the nine free–standing BBQs we brought you earlier this week, here are a few more suited to the urbanite without expansive yards or bank accounts. Portable and slightly cheaper, these are the grills to take to the beach, park, balcony, fire escape, rooftop or wherever it is you can get outside.

A departure from black or stainless steel grills, this wood barbecue pit, La Caja China still has the chops to roast a 100 lb. pig. An aluminum-lined box, wheels and handles make it easy to transport to the beach or picnic for rager–size barbecues. Including two stainless steel grills, a charcoal pan, drip pan and marinating syringe, it's a no frills unit for serious barbecuing. Available for $320 here.


For flexible and spontaneous grilling, the Pizzoni Lifestyle Grill is designed with easy transport, assembly and functionality in mind. Made of high quality, non-corrosive materials, it's easily assembled in less than a minute (no tools needed) and can be packed up and carried away with a convenient shoulder strap. Clean lines and elegant design make for a low–maintenance unit while also providing a top notch grilling experience. It's available for €298 from Pizzoni. To get a sense of how effortless it is to put together, view an assembly animation here.


Taking BBQ portability to a new level, this Carry and Go Briefcase BBQ (above left) folds out to provide a generous cooking area. Made of pressed steel, it's durable and a high wind break above the cooking area prevents soot and ash from ruining food. With a convenient carry bag, it's available for £25 here.

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Also see this folding picnic grill for $40 from A+R.

Bruce (above right), a clever solution for high–rise living without enough outdoor space for a free–standing grill, has a shape similar to a flower box designed to be hung on the balustrade. The space-saving grill's better suited to hot dogs than steaks, but we like the idea. Contact designer Henrik Drecker for purchasing details.


Made of porcelain, enamel and steel, the Outtime Fireplate (above left) mimics a small bonfire. It can in fact function as a conveniently–sized charcoal or wood fire; adding the steel grill component turns it into a perfect station for grilling summer vegetables. Available in white, black, red or green, contact Outtime for pricing and availability.

Resembling a weighing scale, this Weber MM Hottower (above right) is a combination fireplace and grill. An arm suspends the stainless steel grill plate over the fire. By changing the length of the cable, you can adjust cooking temperature. Very simple, easy to use and good–looking, it's also not cheap. It's available for €1,099 here.


The Outdoor Artisan Pizza Oven (right) aims to mimic the stone–lined, arched–roof ovens found in Italian pizzerias. Entirely handmade from stainless steel, the stone offers great conduction of heat and the arched lid reflects heat back on the pizza. An integrated wood chip drawer gives the flavor of wood–fired pizza, but the main source of energy is gas. The portable table top pizza oven is available at Kalamazoo for $4000.


Designed for tapas-style eating, Eva Solo's Table Grill (left) is for vegetables, shellfish and other light snacks. Perhaps not the best for for steaks and ribs, use charcoal to fire up your vegetables, shellfish and other light snacks. Made of porcelain with a wood base, its compact size and handle make for easy transport. Watch a video presentation here. Available for $300 at Unicahome.

A similar, more economical ($35) option, Sagaform's Charcoal Bucket Grill will do the trick.

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To avoid lighter fluid–kissed food, the Thuros Nevada grill (above right) features a funnel-like top designed for quick and easy lighting without the use of lighter-fluid or blower aids. A chimney-like shape enhances proper airflow for optimal functioning with minimal use of charcoal. Brakes keep the wheeled grill in place while you're cooking. Available here for €320.


Award-winning and much acclaimed, the portable Cobb Grill and Cooking System is a veritable classic. Through its convection oven–like design it can grill, bake, smoke or even fry food while keeping it juicy and tender at the same time. Reaching temperatures of up to 500ºF, the base stays surprisingly cool making it safe for portability even when it's in use. No moving or rust prone parts means low maintenance and it comes with a heavy duty carrying case. Available at Cobb for $140.