BlueTrack Wireless Mobile Mouse


With computer technology becoming more mobile, the same applies to its accessories. When on the move, a mobile mouse often needs to perform in less-than-hospitable circumstances and on surfaces other than a mousepad. BlueTrack technology is Microsoft's panacea, which aims to improve mouse response beyond the existing laser and optical methods.

The light beam on a BlueTrack mouse uses a wider, more uniform beam and improves on the contrasting mechanism of previous mice. The resulting mouse can work on any surface that isn't mirrored or transparent, including carpets and granite countertops. This way, it performs just as reliably on an office mousepad or a Greyhound bus seat.

The Mobile Mouse 6000 (pictured above) was recently released in conjunction with a similar 5000 model. Both use BlueTrack and are comfortably sized without being too bulky to cart around. The 6000 features Microsoft's first nano transceiver, which extends only 0.8 centimeters from the computer's USB and stores handily inside the mouse itself (picture above).


The Mobile Mouse 4000 (above) will hit the market in August and has much of the same features as its predecessors in a spectrum of five colors. Powered by a single AA-battery for 10 months, the 2.4GHz wireless ensures connection up to 15-feet.

The Mobile Mouse 6000 retails for $50 on Amazon while the 4000 will cost $40.