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Dog Powered Scooter


The Dog Powered Scooter
is a fascinating invention… From their site:

This new dog scooter design is revolutionary †and has many benefits. Particularly appropriate for urban use on bike paths & sidewalks. The human is in †total control †of the speed and direction of the scooter because the dog is harnessed inside of the frame and subject to its steering (very maneuverable) and braking force. †This also simplifies the animal's "choices" and reduces the level of "training" required of the animal. †Simply harness the dog and clip them into the frame and off you go. †With just a few outings pulling the scooter the dog quickly learns when to slow (by feeling the braking) and which direction to turn by†noticing the wheel angle. Dogs love it because it takes little "effort" to pull the scooter and they get exercise next to their owner. †The owners love it because they are exercising their pets with little effort on their part and getting a fun free ride! (yet will participate by kicking up hills) †The harness connection insures that no downward loads are applied to the dog.


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