Unagi’s Design-Forward Electric Scooter

Ride along with zero emissions and speeds up to 15mph

Even though electric scooters have gained so much popularity, they don’t look much different than the manual ones from a decade ago. Now, however, the design-forward, zero-emission Unagi is hitting the market to elevate the humble scooter with the help of Japanese TORAY carbon fiber and more. Beyond the sturdy material, there’s plenty of clever design throughout the Unagi; from the 6.5-inch rubber tires with built-in air-pockets (to prevent flats and act as suspension) to the one-click folding mechanism, this scooter is quite the evolution.

Available in two wattages (250 or 450), the scooter can reach up to 15mph. An LG battery is also responsible for the headlight and the handlebar interface, which includes the throttle, brake, horn and LED headlight. While it takes four to five hours to charge completely, a full battery gives riders a range of just over 15 miles.

The Unagi is available in three color options (blue, grey or white) and folds down to a transportable size and weight—the 450-watt version weighs about 24 pounds. Both options are available now on Kickstarter and require a minimum pledge of $623 for the 250-watt and $850 for the 450-watt edition.

Images courtesy of Unagi