Rechargeable Electric Wheels

Futuristic scooters, two-wheelers and even a foldable bike for an upgraded commute

Glide through traffic without spewing any fumes, thanks to the plethora of e-wheels that are becoming available—though laws around the world are huffing and puffing to keep up. Below are new iterations of two-wheeled personal vehicles that are changing stereotypes. Novelty toys no more, these electric machines hint at the future of mobility and urban commuting, which looks to be efficient and intelligent—without losing any of the fun.

Gi FlyBike

An Argentinian team has created a quickly folding electric bike with full-size wheels—one that pretty much knocks out every excuse you’ve had for not biking to work. The weatherproof rechargeable bike is made from lightweight aircraft grade aluminum (weighing a total of 17 kg) and offers 40 miles of electric assistance on a single charge, meaning you can effortlessly pedal straight to that afterparty atop a hill, without breaking a sweat. Additional features include a pedal-powered smartphone charger, lights that automatically turn on when your phone detects darkness (and can be turned on manually, as well) plus integrated rear lights. When folded, the bike locks itself when you’re five meters away; in the same way, you can use the accompanying app to unlock it from afar when friends want to borrow it. An early-bird pledge of $1,990 to Gi FlyBike’s Kickstarter campaign, which launches today, lets you become one of the first owners come June 2016.

CityBug2 Foldable Electric Scooter

The foldable CityBug2 (€899) was made for smooth, intuitive riding (and braking). Weighing 12.5 kg and reaching a top speed of 18 km/h, the electric scooter has a few patented features up its sleeve that separates it from other offerings. For example, the patented, sensor-based “Push&Pull” handlebar (free of brake and throttle levers for clean, easy grip) provides gradual acceleration: simply push for acceleration, pull for deceleration. You can come to an abrupt stop by stepping on the rear brake/fender. Also, there’s no need for a kickstand (or wall to lean on)—the CityBug2 can stand on its own when parked, by pulling down the handlebar a bit.

EGRET Foldable Electric Scooter

If you need something a little faster, Hamburg-based Walberg Urban Electrics’ EGRET ONE-S (€1,349) has you covered with a top speed of 35 km/h (but weighs a slightly heftier 16 kg). The 250 watt motor runs in the rear wheel, and on a rechargeable lithium ion battery hidden underneath the deck. They’ve chosen a pricier chemical compound that’s largely fireproof and non-explosive—ultimately safer for riders. Though the EGRET hasn’t been approved for legal use on streets in Germany yet, company founder Florian Walberg is actively lobbying for European legislation that will create a new vehicle category (“Personal Light Electric Vehicles”) and thus establish road certification.

FEDDZ Electric Motorcycle

Looking as high-tech as it is, the German- and Austrian-designed and produced FEDDZ 45 electric bike (€6,690) will have riders feeling like they’re in a Tron reboot. Free from oil, gas or any emissions, the bike has three gears and can reach up to 45 km/h. There’s even a USB port for you to charge your device, and cargo space—something many electric bikes and scooters lack—where a motorcycle’s gas tank is normally located. Most useful, perhaps, is the removable battery, which means city-dwellers can recharge their ride without lugging the entire bike inside. Adding to the goodness is the fact that the bike—down to its plastic components—is 100% recyclable.

Images courtesy of respective brands