The Travel Umbrella

Available in a range of neon colorways, Weatherman’s Travel Umbrella is made for commuting. Weighing less than a pound, it has an auto-open and auto-close feature for quick access. Made from water-repellent, reinforced fiberglass plastic (that avoids inverting and breaking), the umbrella can withstand winds of up to 45mph.

Test Ride: Specialized Crux Pro Gravel Bike

This bicycle handles beautifully on- and off-road

Taking the Crux Pro from the revered cycling innovators at Specialized out for a ride requires factoring in some extra time. Sure, you’ll log personal bests on steep segments and surprise even yourself with the speed of the bike. This is a bike that simply wants to go fast, whether you’re hopping roots on a dusty single track or hammering on the tarmac with your …

Stephen Henrich’s Infinity Bike Moves Without Wheels

Reimagining the concept of a bike, Stuttgart, Germany-based designer, robotics engineer and architect Stephen Henrich unveiled the Infinity Bike, an award-winning creation that replaces wheels with a large, caterpillar-like chain element that can fluidly switch between functions and is propelled by a central pinched structure, a crank over a short chain and an eight-speed gearbox. Henrich tells Mashable, “It’s a bicycle with a frame and …