EXO: Arena App for iPhone

A live-action game that makes your iDevice a weapon and turns anywhere imaginable into the battlefield

EXO-Arena-1.jpg EXO-Arena-3.jpg EXO-Arena-2.jpg

Whether it’s Candy Crush, Dots or 2048, most smart phone games require little more than the two dexterous thumbs to play. EXO: Arena—on the other hand—encourages players to exercise and explore the real world around them. Developed by EXO Games, the new iPhone-optimized live-action game turns your phone into a faux weapon and your real life environment into the battlefield—think of it as laser-tag without the bulky vest or stinky indoor arena.

Choose two or four friends with ample data or a WiFi connection, and select one of the six virtual arenas you’d like to battle in. As you move throughout the area, your curser will too. Aim by orienting your phone in the direction of your opponents, and shoot with a simple tap of your finger. And the best part: endless rematches.

Download the game for free from iTunes.

Images courtesy of EXO Games