Inventive iPhone Apps

A "painstakingly curated presentation of the best produced and designed iPhone applications," makes a clever guide to the games, maps and more esoteric apps out there. They did such a good job that narrowing their list to our favs was no easy task. Here are a few:

Momento, for example, is a cross-platform app that connects to Twitter, facebook and other social networking sites while providing a simple and clean look for diaring.

For current events, the U.K. Guardian’s new app offers a new and easier way to access the newspaper.

Creative types will like Vellum, a drawing app that mimics the look and feel of ink and graphite.

Whether you’re traveling or just in the mood to explore, Wallpaper's city guides are a condensed, indispensable tool. And now the elegant design of these books have been translated into an app.

The Rowmote finally eliminates all that pesky fingerwork. This handy app syncs with iTunes, Quicktime, DVD player and more on your Mac.

LiveView makes screen capture easy, making the iPhone a visual extension of your computer, whether you're showing off those mad skills at a meeting or just trying to display holiday pictures.

The wordy will appreciate What The Font, a tool takes photos of any word and researches its fond. has a trove of innovative, interesting and odd apps to keep every iPhone-phile happy.