Fat Fingers


Fat Fingers is a website that searches online auctions for incorrect spellings . More than just internet enabled schadenfreude, discovering typos and misspellings is a way to find items with fewer or no bids. Taking advantage of other's sloppiness is as easy as typing your search into a field, which then directs you to a search of all the common mistakes on the website you've chosen from a pull-down menu. There's also an advanced search function and a downloadable widget for Ebayaholics.

Josh Rubin

Josh Rubin

Josh Rubin is COOL HUNTING's founder, editor and executive creative director. He brings his background as a photographer and expertise as a user experience designer to his point of view on what makes a good story for CH—this most often include some kind of intersectionality between art, culture, technology and design. Josh is a bit of an urban hippie, obsessed with most things Japanese, a Sealyham Terrier lover and very food motivated.

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