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Gifts For Gadget Lovers

Tech-centric highlights from our 2011 holiday gift guide

Many adults—including a majority of CH staffers—classify their favorite toys in the tech sector. We’ve culled a batch of coveted electronic items from the Cool Hunting Gift Guide for all the gadget lovers on your list.

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Ultimate Ears

Developed in 1995 by Van Halen’s touring monitor engineer and drummer, this line of earphones ranges from the simple $50 set for the daily commuter to the extravagant professional in-ear monitor custom-made to mold to your ear ($450-$1350).

Qlocktwo and Qlocktwo Touch

The gorgeous display on this digital wall clock will deliver accurate readouts without the stress of a ticking second hand. Qlocktwo comes in multiple colors and sizes, with a design fit for home or office.

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Ray Solar Charger

Power your life on the go with pure sunlight from ray, a portable solar charger for digital devices. The handy contraption comes with a silicone suction cup and kickstand to harness solar power anywhere. Coupling convenience with responsibility, this is a sure win for conscientious gadget users.

Moshi Moshi 03i Handset

French designer David Turpin presents Moshi Moshi 03i, a wireless handset and dock for iPhones and personal computers. Link up via Bluetooth or USB and use the slick desktop accessory to call and Skype to your heart’s content.

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NeatDesk Digital Scanner

Digitizing all kinds of clutter from tax returns to receipts to business cards, NeatDesk is a scanner-and-software combo that records and organizes your most essential information. The intelligent software is able to digitally categorize the content of your scans; in the case of receipts, it finds the date, payment type, purchase amount as well as other important details.

Ceramic Speakers Version 2

The second installment of SF-based industrial designer Joey Roth’s ceramic speakers pump out massive sound in a simple package. Made with durable and natural materials like cork, porcelain and maple plywood, this classic set will enliven your living room for years to come.

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Kogeto Dot

The adorable Dot from Kogeto snaps onto your iPhone 4 or 4s to enable 360-degree recording from the palm of your hand. The attachment comes in a rainbow of colors and is a perfect gift for amateur videographers to record their latest youtube shenanigans.


The nifty iPong robot provides expert ping pong training without a partner. Best of all, the cylindrical, super slim design allows setup in less than a minute.


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