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Loco Roco Demo


Some of you may remember, last month when I reported on this year's Loco Roco. The official Japanese website has a demo of the game available for download. I wouldn't normally put a post up on CH saying "you gotta try this," but this simple little demo of the game is so cute and fun and replayable, what the hell… You gotta try this!

Instructions after the jump.

Okay, so before jumping into madness that is Loco Roco, you need to update your PSP firmware to 2.70 which can be done in Settings>Network Update. You also should make sure you have 8MB of free space on your Memory Stick.

  1. Go to the website
  2. Scroll down the page until you see the Download link
  3. Dowload the file EBOOT.PBP
  4. Connect your PSP to your comupter via USB cable and Settings>USB Connection
  5. On your PSP, create the folder UCJS10041 with in your Game folder (PSP>Game>UCJS10041)
  6. Move the file EBOOT.PBP file that you downloaded into the folder UCJS10041 on your PSP
  7. Eject your PSP from your computer
  8. Go to Game in your PSP
  9. Press X to select Memory Stick

And there it is! Have fun!


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