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Malcolm Venville: Lucha Loco


I never really took to Hulk Hogan and his friends when I was a kid, preferring instead the low-rent British version of wrestling. Big Daddy in a leotard and top-hat was about as colorful as it got though, so looking at Malcolm Venville's vivid portraits of masked Mexican Lucha Libre wrestlers makes me feel like I missed out big time.

The British photographer and filmmaker (above middle, with furry luchador 'Alushe') has collected more than 120 pictures he took in Mexico City last year for new book Lucha Loco. Fighters like Raziel (above right) didn't just pose for shots, but also gave interviews to Venville about their noble sport. As one of them says, "Mexican wrestlers have that sparkle, we make people laugh and cry." Who are we to argue?

Lucha Loco is available for $80 or £45, plus shipping.


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