Midea Debuts The First-Ever U-Shaped Window Air Conditioner

This new design lets you open or close your window with the unit installed

We love when innovation instantly changes product design for a whole category, as Midea has done with their new U-shaped air conditioner. Solving real usability, design, performance and sound issues that most every window air conditioning owner faces, the new U-shaped air conditioner separates the compressor from the fan relocating the air ducts to a thin channel across the unit’s bottom.

This new design permits your window to open and close in between the two parts of the unit, allowing fresh air in when desired and shielding you from all of the compressor’s noise (plus outside ambient noise) when in use. The company states that through a closed window the compressor noise registers at a 42dB level, which is around the sound of whispering or gently moving water. Delivering airflow as far as 20 feet/6 meters, the unit should easily cool most spaces. WiFi, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and its own iOS and Android app make it easy to operate.

Installation is easy too; the compressor side is supported by (an included) bracket. The unit sits in your windowsill, and its sidearms extend to close the gap between it and your window frame. In addition to its design and functional benefits it’s the first window unit to receive the ENERGY STAR most efficient certification for 2020, using 35% less than similarly powered units thanks to its patented inverter technology.

Available in 8,000, 10,000 and 12,000 BTU sizes at Amazon, pricing and availability are expected to be updated quickly.

Images courtesy of Midea