POC Sports Protective Gear


Designed specifically for alpine sports, Swedish outfitters POC Sports makes some of the most advanced and unique protective gear available. By working closely with injury and safety specialists including doctors of all trades, POC utilizes the latest high-tech materials to design helmets, body armor, goggles and other soft goods making it a bit safer to huck those 1080s in the back country.

Optimizing your field of view, the Lobes are POC's newest goggles. A frameless and spherical design creates more peripheral vision than other goggles. Made of a polycarbonate blend, the lens is anti-scratch and anti-fog treated, ensuring a clean view all the time. A special all-black limited version (pictured above right) is also avilable this season.


POC also designed some new body armor that looks like it'd be as well suited on the battle field as it is on the slopes. Inspired by the exoskeleton of a beetle, POC leaves no part of the body unprotected with their line of spine (above center), loin, torso, shin and even knuckle protectors (above right). The Torso Armor Jacket (above left) offers full protection for your back, elbow, shoulders, collarbone and forearms. A durable mesh fabric lend flexibility and breathability keeping you agile and cool. Some parts of the jacket, like the back protector, are detachable allowing a level of customization.

For more info, where to buy and a closer look at POC's protective gear including gloves, helmets and other pieces of body armor not shown here, visit POC. If you prefer biking over skiing, POC will be releasing a new line of protective gear designed specifically for BMX and downhill due out the beginning of 2009. Stay tuned.