Q-Link Mini

Help your body tune out the electromagnetic frequencies coming from your devices


With phone calls to make, e-mails to write and noise to tune out, we are constantly connected to our personal electronic devices. To ward off the harmful electromagnetic fields radiating from these gadgets, the Sausalito, CA-based Clarus Institute designed the Q-Link—an innovative product that uses Sympathetic Resonance Technology to help your body defend against EMFs and other stresses produced by electronic devices.


Previously embedded in bracelets or pendants (pictured above), the new Q-Link Mini (pictured at top) attaches to gadgets for seamless protection. A small, lightweight button, the Q-Link Mini harmonizes the frequencies emitted from electronics with your body. While scientists and medical researchers are still investigating the exact effects of over-radiation from electronics, Q-link has been offering this increasingly important solution for over ten years now as an affordable precaution for the better-safe-than-sorry crowd.

The Q-Link Mini sells online from Clarus’ site for $25.