Sence Wearable Emotion Tracker

A device that charts your emotional spectrum using EKG technology

The world is awash in wearable technology but nothing translates scientific fact into the emotional understanding quite like Sence. Yes, with all the heart rate data that it accrues through scientifically-proven EKG technology on your wrist, the end result is overlaying a user’s emotional shifts and peaks onto their calendar—coinciding the information with events, meetings, workouts and more. With such information, users can pinpoint stress factors or the impetus for joy and motivation. For the most part, people can figure out their own emotional variations naturally, but having a mood calendar means understanding the details. It can be used to tap into and maximize productivity. In contrast, it could signify the need for reprieve. Emotional wellbeing insights, arguably, matter more than how many steps one has taken in a day. And through this petite, proprietary electrocardiogram technology, it’s now quantifiable. The link between physiology and behavior moves closer.

Sence records the wearer’s heart-rate passively, meaning it’s running in the background while one works or sleeps. Users can declare the rate at which information is gathered. Importantly, this device does not track pulse waves like a traditional heart-rate-monitoring wearable; it tracks EKG peaks every four milliseconds. Planexta, the developers of Sence, began in biometrics first and foremost. Sence was an afterthought but has become the company’s first consumer-facing product. During our demo of the product we learned the 64 emotions Sence calculates are drawn from Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions, a common graph for understanding the spectrum. A dedicated app unites all information and can send push notifications during peak emotionalism if the user chooses. The design itself, commissioned from the Red Dot award-winning Singapore firm Stuck, rests comfortably on the wrist. And during our brief experience with the product, we felt it read the situation accurately.

Planexta is seeking $100,000 through Kickstarter, where an early-bird backer price of $129 could secure one Sence tracker. Shipping would be slated for August 2017.

Images courtesy of Sence