The Muse 2 is an On-Demand Meditation Headband

Providing feedback, guidance and a break from stress

For most of us, finding the time or the patience to meditate is the hardest part. It’s oftentimes almost impossible—with everything going on around us—to find inner quiet and in turn, a deep mind/body connection. But, the new Muse 2 is a comfortable, wearable guide that will ease you into the practice and work you through it (and give you real-time feedback after each session). This second version of the device is lighter, more comfortable and more sensitive than its predecessor—all factors that influence efficacy. Plus, with the updated app, there is now the ability to focus each session on the mind, heart, body or breath.

Meditation can involve a lot of guesswork. Questions of whether you’re doing it “right” or even if you’re doing it all are common worries. But, the Muse is the first widely-available tool that reassures when you’re doing well and provides you with in-the-moment advice when you’re not—gentle auditory signals help bring you back to center when the headband senses a wandering mind.

The headband monitors a multitude of factors and uses your best sessions as baselines for attaining that zen again. It monitors the mind (through EEG), heart (through PPG and pulse-oximetry), body (through its accelerometer) and breath (through PPG and its built-in gyroscope). Through translation, you’ll instantly know what your brain is doing: you’re prompted to choose a setting—say wind or rain—and the that sound escalates when your brain is most active and slows as you calm. By layering the feedback, the Muse 2 give users more engaging sessions and more in-depth advice. And from our testing, it really works.

If you’re in it for the long sessions, or plan on taking it when you travel, you’ll feel reassured knowing the headband is good for six hours of continuous use on a single charge. The Muse 2 can also support multiple users on one band (all separately controlled and selected on the Muse app), if you’re sharing it with friends or family.

The Muse 2 ($249) is available online and comes with a micro USB charger.

Images courtesy of Muse