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Six Swim Toys


Summer's peak calls for something a little more inventive than an inner tube to distract from soaring temperatures. From a hydrofoil that can hit speeds of 17 mph to a floating table tennis game, these water toys will keep young and old cool and happy.

Dinosaur Play Center
Featuring pterodactyls and other dinosaurs, a slide, wading pool, ring toss game, basketball hoop, and a spray nozzle, this inflatable pool provides hours of entertainment and outdoes standard kiddie pools by a lot. $60 from Sports Authority.


Floating Pool Volleyball Game Set
Complete with net and ball, this inflatable set moves the game from sandy courts into water, a much better playing field for cooling bodies and forgivis brutal dives for the ball. $25 from In the Swim.


6-foot Walk-on-Water Ball
Like a water-based human hamster wheel, exterior cups help grip the water's surface while the person inside moves the sphere simply by walking—if they can stay upright. Or, get two for new competitive water sports. Bumper balls anyone? $250 from Hammacher Schlemmer.

Hydrofoil Water Scooter
Perhaps the nearest equivalent to walking on water, riders propel this hydrofoil by simply hopping. Made from aircraft aluminum and fiberglass, it weighs only 26 pounds and is easily transportable. $500 from Hammacher Schlemmer (below, left).


Floating Pool Pong Table Game
Made from durable foam, this ping-pong set goes easily from tabletop to pool—though why play on land when you can be waist-deep in water? $90 (on sale) from Toy Splash (above, right).

Motorized Pool Lounger Float
Two joystick-controlled submerged motors enable paddle-free maneuvering of this cushy inflatable raft. Battery-powered, the motors are quiet and a built-in cupholder ensures total relaxation. On sale for $130 from Pool Toy.