Blamo Toys

by Julie Wolfson


From monsters with solid brass mouths to three headed shark-man-bunny creatures, the handmade creations of Blamo mix elements of designer toys, art and craft. San Francisco-based designer Spencer Hansen, forms Blamo toys from cast solid brass, leather, hand carved solid sugar wood and hand-painted resin.

In October and November, several new characters will make their Blamoville debut.


Hansen made only twelve of the new character "Three Headed Creature," which changes from shark teeth to a winged double head to a man with bunny ears. On 24 October 2009, the remaining seven will be sold on the Blamo website.


Coming up 8-13 November 8th and 13th in San Francisco, a show curated by Zombiemonkie will feature Spencer Hansen designs alongside toys by many other artists including Ben Burke, Nice Collective, Monster Decay, Lucien Shapiro, and Tony Blanchard. At the show's opening, Blamo will release an edition of 10 "Albino Billys."

Most Blamo toys range from $100-$175.

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