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Sneakerplay is Live to the Public (sort of)


If you're at all in to sneakers you've probably already heard about Sneakerplay, the footwear themed social software site. In addition to the standard profile, friend, gallery and messaging features the site includes a battle feature. To gain cred in the community and to facilitate discussion about different pairs you can challenge another member's pair to battle with a pair of your own. The community then votes and comments over the next few days and the winner's overall ranking increases. At this moment FlipJays is in first place while our friend Hepdog is in 13th.

Sneakerplay has been in a closed beta for the last couple months, but they've just now opened it up for anyone to browse around. You can't make your own account without an invite, though. I've got 5 invites to give away. To get one, go to my gallery page, find the custom Vans and tell me who painted them.


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