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TriniTEA Electric Tea Maker


We've been making our afternoon cuppa with the TriniTea for the last week and it has earned a place on our kitchen counter. It's a two carafed system that separates steeping and serving. We like the timer that allows you to set how long you want your tea to steep; when it's done steeping it whooshes into the second, warmed carafe where it stays until you're ready to drink it. Not the best looking contraption, nor the most refined, but it does the job. Makes about four cups and retails for $75.

We also had the opportunity to sample several teas from Adagio in their new visibiliTea packaging—canisters with see-through lids, obviously the best way to see what you're buying. The problem has always been that light spoils the delicate tea leaves, but this new packaging blocks the UV rays that do the damage.


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