Anteadote Teas


The ready to drink segment of the tea market continues to grow in the U.S., where a slow but consistent push by manufacturers is helping consumers understand the health benefits of tea that's actually made from fresh tea leaves, and that remains free of sweeteners and chemicals. It's funny/sad to read comments in the chat rooms like "I had to add a cup of sugar and it still wasn't sweet enough."

Adagio just launched their new line of teas and we've been sampling them all week here at CH HQ. The buzz is that these teas hit the spot. Their clean taste is not too bitter, a turn off with some of the Japanese imports. Because all of the oxygen is removed from the bottle during packaging, no preservatives are needed to keep the tea fresh, and the only ingredients are tea made with filtered water and fresh tea leaves and vitamin C. Four varieties are currently available: Jasmine (our favorite), White, Green and Black tea.

You'll see it on the shelves at Earth Fare Markets first, followed by a national rollout. Also available online from Adagio, $2 for a 16.9 oz bottle, and $27 for a case of 15 bottles.

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