Bluesmart’s New Smart Suitcase, the Black Edition

Their debut carry-on gets a sleek new look

Indiegogo success story Bluesmart has updated their debut smart carry-on suitcase (with built-in battery, GPS tracking, Bluetooth-enabled remote locking, etc) with a new Black Edition. The double PU layered polycarbonate case—even more scratch and water resistant than the previous iteration—incorporates high-density microfiber for the outside laptop pocket, and loses the blue trimmings. It’s certainly a more sophisticated look, but the roller actually houses all of the same tech from Bluesmart One underneath the hood.

Pre-order the Bluesmart Black Edition online for $549; which, according to the company, will start shipping in 30 days (note the friendly 100-day return policy). For more smart luggage options, we recommend checking out newly-launched Raden, which offers more sizes and colors.

Images courtesy of Bluesmart