Victorinox’s Durable, Dynamic Spectra.30 Travel Gear

An abundance of functional attributes within a polycarbonate shell crafted from proprietary recycled material

Anyone who has glanced upon a baggage claim carousel recently might have been struck not by the differences in the luggage circulating but rather by the general sameness. A few brands repeat time and again and anyone who owns one of those must identify their belongings by way of stickers and tags. This is one of many reasons why the durable Spectra 3.0 collection (especially in its vibrant red colorway) is so alluring. Recently released by Victorinox, producers of the iconic Swiss Army Knife, these travel pieces are as much a dynamic, meticulously engineered and reliable tool as one would expect from the heritage brand.

Spectra 3.0 debuts with several lightweight models across various sizes: the Global Carry-On and Frequent Flyer Carry-On (both of which have a very useful quick access front compartment feature), the Frequent Flyer Plus Carry-On, a Medium Case and a Large Case. All carry-on releases expand up to 20% in volume, while the medium and large suitcases grow up to 40%. The collection also features the brand new Trunk Large Case which comes complete with two organizational packing cubes inside. All of these items feature the Victorinox Stabilizing Technology that yields a smooth travel experience (even when you’re in a rush) which we’ve already experienced first hand. Further, everything is sturdy and the exterior is exceptionally durable.

Its abundance of on-the-go attributes aside, the Spectra 3.0 is the first global Victorinox luggage collection to feature a high-quality, next-generation polycarbonate shell crafted from the recycled material SORPLAS. Inside, a 100% recycled lining has been coated with a proprietary antimicrobial treatment (that also cleans easily). Both of these structural components demonstrate a commitment to the future and the wellbeing of the traveler’s world.

Images courtesy of Victorinox