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The Textured Charm of Maison Breguet in Paris

52 rooms, a spa with a pool, a delectable dining establishment and more all nestled in the 11th arrondissement

Perhaps no city does the boutique hotel as well as Paris. Though the French capital has a roster of world renowned hospitality icons, it’s smaller establishments—like Maison Bréguet—that really channel the city’s nuanced charm. Off a side street in the 11th arrondissement, Maison Bréguet is a jewel box of unexpected delight: a verdant back garden, a subterranean pool, a well-lit atrium wherein guests can order a signature cocktail or feast from a seasonal menu. With only 52 rooms, the hotel feels cozy and comfortable; and with attentive staff, it feels personal.

Beyond the front doors of the classic facade, visitors enter into a slender, thoughtfully designed lobby. Immediately, one takes notice of the abundance of sophisticated textures. London-based architecture firm Sagrada masterminded the entire space, with interior design by Juan Alvarez. Beyond check-in, guests enter into the atrium, with its industrial inflection.

“That’s because in the 11th there were lots of factories,” Emmanuelle Le Vaillant, the general manager of the property since 2020, tells COOL HUNTING. “They wanted to reference that industrial look.” Today, the neighborhood of Bastille is quite alluring. “It’s the Paris of Parisians,” Le Vaillant continues. “It’s the place where the best restaurants are now—where places to party are.” Amidst the energy of the arrondissement and its access points to other social centers (like the Marais), Maison Breguet maintains its role as an oasis.

52 rooms is the perfect size,” Le Vaillant says. “You know all of your guests. You do not call them by their room number or their key. It’s very personalized. We like to know everyone. That’s why we call it Maison Breguet—it’s like a house.” From the moment we entered until our departure (long after check-out, as we chose to work from the atrium), staff called us by our name.

The integration of a thoughtful, ever-developing food and beverage program means it’s easy to settle into the property from the buffet breakfast onward. “Food is very important to us,” Le Vaillant adds. As such, there’s an emphasis on seasonal and local ingredients. “We want to bring the entire Mediterranean to our dishes. We always change the menu. Every two weeks something new arrives. There’s a generosity that you will find in this chef’s cuisine.” During our stay, white asparagus and fresh scallops were featured highlights.

In addition to the 52 guest rooms (of varying sizes, all with premier amenities), Maison Bréguet also maintains their very own Petite Maison, accessible at the back of the hotel. “It’s our little house,” Le Vaillant says. “It’s 115 square meters. There are three bedrooms, a living room and a private garden. You feel so independent. It’s your house in the middle of Paris.” This spacious, quiet rear accommodation can house up to five people comfortably.

For a property of this size in Paris, the spa is the most unexpected attribute—with the shimmering indoor heated pool the highlight (though, there’s a substantial wellness menu, too). These elements are more likely to be found in other arrondissements. “The fact is, we are the only independent five-star hotel like this in the east of Paris,” Le Vaillant says. “We are a lifestyle hotel. That’s why we have the spa with the hammam and the swimming pool and sauna. There’s a fitness center, too.”

Beyond outlining all of the attributes and amenities, there’s still an intangible element that sets Maison Bréguet apart. “There’s something that you feel when you walk in here, that you might not get from the website,” Le Vaillant concludes. “It’s the environment; the team. You have to experience it to understand it best.” And once one understands it, it’s not only hard to leave—it’s easy to daydream about long after a stay ends.

Images courtesy of Maison Bréguet


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