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Troubadour Weekender Bag

A minimal, luxuriant standout from the London-based menswear brand

Troubadour isn’t the first brand to dedicate years toward perfecting the travel bag (in this case: day bags, rucksacks, weekenders and briefcases). The London-based brand, however, does tap into something distinct. From high-quality Italian leather and other premium materials, they’ve developed bags with a minimalist aesthetic that exudes timelessness. These are undeniably modern accessories, from silhouette to texture, but the essence is classic. Troubadour founders Abel Samet and Samuel Bail have committed to quality and that extends beyond their products’ visual appeal—in fact, all of their items come with a lifetime guarantee.

Our personal favorite, Troubadour’s Fabric + Leather Weekender, has held up to expectations on our recent jaunts. The design is simple, but as a whole the bag is elegant and well-sized (measuring 20 inches by 13 inches by 10 inches). Further, all details are very well-considered—including the natural, vegetable-tanned Italian leather accents, suede finishing inside and the polished brass zippers. The bag’s detachable shoulder strap connects securely using hidden fasteners so if you don’t want to use it there’s no visual clutter. There are smaller pockets for items requiring quick access and internal elasticated pockets to keep all your treasures safe.

The understated elegance of this bag makes it suitable in any environment no matter how formal, chic or casual. Additionally, the leather will develop a unique patina over time—morphing delicately with every trip it takes. The Fabric + Leather Weekender comes in four colorways, and Troubador also offers an all-leather version. Altogether, this new brand has found a way to make simple, functional products feel exciting.

Troubadour’s Fabric + Leather Weekender is available online now for $871.

Images by Josh Rubin


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