Rembarrassment, Nitwhoppering, Lenniness and More Newly Defined Emotions

After recognizing that society has long-embraced the belief that there is a finite—even minuscule—number of basic human emotions, the editorial team at The Cut has introduced 78 new complex emotions based on the idea that if you can say it, you can feel it. As the brain loves concepts and classifications, words like FOMO and hangxiety have found a place in our vernacular. The Cut’s editors make a case for rembarrassment (“an overwhelming feeling of humiliation at the memory of an awkward or shameful experience from long ago”), nitwhoppering (“The unnerving feeling of finding yourself engaged in a ridiculous and terrifyingly complex lie, usually—but not exclusively—to avoid an unwanted social invitation”), lenniness (“The overwhelming desire to pick up a small cute thing and hug it tight, regardless of the consequences”) and more. The suggestions may be funny, but they’re also entirely relatable. See the whole list at The Cut.