Annuals and Manchester Orchestra Tour


Finishing up the last leg of their North American tour, Annuals and Manchester Orchestra have been bringing their intense style of melancholic indie rock to cities across the country for the last couple of months.

Cool Hunting was lucky enough to catch their Halloween performance in New York City. Featuring two of the best bands of their ilk that we've heard in a long time, the show, replete with costumes and plenty of stage dramatics, was a memorable one. Manchester Orchestra's melodramatically confessional anthems left more than a few mouths agape, and "amazing" was heard uttered more than once as the crowd milled around after their set. Annuals' eclectic urgency refused to be belied by their zombie costumes, and proved an suitably haunting end to the night.

Both bands are at the top of their game and are really redefining and reenergizing a well-established genre. If you're lucky enough to live in one of the cities left on their tour, do not miss out. You can pick up the Annuals' Frelen Mas and Manchester Orchestra's I'm Like a Virgin Losing a Child at iTunes.