Dark Sun

Ari Marcopoulos documents NYC's incognito surfing community in his upcoming solo show


Photographer Ari Marcopoulos, who got his start as an assistant to Andy Warhol, documents the diverse and often gritty subcultures of American youth. His new solo exhibition, “Dark Sun”—opening tonight at Nike’s Bowery Stadium in NYC—casts an eye on the lesser seen community of surfers who call America’s largest urban metropolis home. Shot on 35mm over just two weeks, Dark Sun takes a raw look at a handful of New York’s surf breaks and the people who ride them.

CH-Ari-3.jpg CH-Ari-4.jpg

The sculptural wave installation of the Bowery Stadium, thoroughly thrashed by members of the local skate and surf community, offers a complimentary backdrop for Marcopoulos’ grainy black-and-white photography. A calm sense of spirit can be seen in his portraiture, as each subject conveys the strong sense of confidence and enigmatic style of East Coast surfing.


Dark Sun will be on display at Bowery Stadium through 26 September 2011. For those in NYC this evening, make sure to swing by for an opening night celebration of East Coast surfing with a live performance by Hanni El Khatib from 7-9pm.