Astronauts Make the “Best Space Tacos” With Peppers Grown in Orbit

A NASA crew in space has successfully grown green chile peppers for the first time. To celebrate, they used their new produce to make what astronaut Megan McArthur calls the “best space tacos yet” with fajita beef, rehydrated tomatoes and artichokes. The Hatch chiles are a part of NASA’s Plant Habitat-04 investigation, which has “been victorious in getting other veggies, such as radishes, Chinese cabbage, mizuna mustard, red Russian kale and three types of lettuce, to grow on the ISS.” However, peppers are of particular importance, as they are much more difficult to grow in microgravity. Harvesting them will help scientists understand how to best sustain astronauts during challenging and lengthy missions. Learn more about this accomplishment at HuffPost.

Image courtesy of Megan McArthur