Black Grapefruit: Waist

Formerly known as SOS, Black Grapefruit (aka Randa Smith and Brian Dekker) creates soulful, R&B-tinged experimental pop music. Their song “Waist” appeared on an EP last year, but they decided to resurface it with a video, saying, “Current events have reminded us how precious life is, and how fortunate we are to still have it. Regardless of how dark things get, our human and planetary existence is a miracle, which is why we must continue to fight for a world where it’s recognized as such. This video means more than we could have ever anticipated when we started gathering the footage. It’s a reminder that we can share energy regardless of distance, and that we are all more connected than we sometimes realize.” The lo-fi visual treatment features spliced together clips of people dancing all over the world; an ideal accompaniment to the catchy, joyful but mellow tune.