Tove Lo: Grapefruit

From Swedish singer-songwriter Tove Lo’s upcoming album, Dirt Femme (out on Friday), “Grapefruit” comes with a trigger warning, as the lyrics explore disordered eating. The synth-pop track is a glittery, danceable bop, despite its subject matter, which is echoed in a dark video directed by Lisette Donkersloot and with choreography by Teresa Toogie Barcelo. “I’ve tried to write this song for over 10 years,” she says in a statement. “I know I haven’t talked about it a lot in interviews or even in my music which is my most honest place. I guess I had to find the right way to share the feelings and the vicious circle of behavior I was stuck in. I’ve been free from my ED and my body issues for a very long time but they did take up too many of my teenage years. I’m not sure why I wrote this song now. Maybe the two years of stillness brought back memories, maybe I needed all this time I’ve been free from it to be able to look back without feeling pain. One of the many feelings I remember is needing to crawl out of my own skin. I felt so trapped in a body I hated. I wanted a video that portrayed that, and Lisette and Toogie knew exactly how to create that with me. It was honestly really hard putting myself back in that headspace but it was necessary for me. I’m gonna let the song speak for itself now.”