Brujas Combines Feminism, Skate Culture + Art

Feminist skate crew and art collective Brujas recently took over East Village venue Performance Space for their “Training Facility” which was part skatepark, part library and part art installation where there were “no cops or cool guys allowed.” The installation was “decked out with skate obstacles, pastel-pink camouflage bleachers, and a library of political theory books (including volumes by Foucault and Malcolm X), the skatepark was a haven not just for skaters, but also for art lovers, activists and bookworms, among others.” Brujas member and organizer Arianna Gil tells Artsy that the inclusivity was most important as it’s oftentimes white, cis boys and men who are most encouraged in the skate world, “Never a queer person, never a woman, and never a person of color in my experience.” Find out more about the delightful take-over at Artsy.