Cindy Rucker Gallery’s Exhibition of Abortion Stories

This past weekend, the Lower East Side’s Cindy Rucker Gallery hosted a three-day exhibition focused on abortion stories, in response to reproductive freedom across the US being threatened. From emotional to pragmatic, the works vary in all ways but still center on the fundamental right to abortion. Shout Your Abortion (an initiative striving to normalize abortion through art and community) created a work called “Abortion Pills,” wherein medicine boxes were piled on the floor and each one featured a QR code leading users to a list of resources for reproductive health services. Lena Chen’s “We Lived in The Gaps Between the Stories” is a wreath of plants traditionally used for abortions. Christen Clifford performed “Interior Portraits: We’re All Pink Inside” for the first time in a gallery. “This is not just a women’s health project, although it may have stemmed from that,” Clifford tells Hyperallergic. “A lot of my research comes from early feminist art and early feminist body art. What I hope I’m doing is expanding that and exploding it a little to include all bodies, because all bodies deserve bodily autonomy.” Read and see more from the show at Hyperallergic.

Image of Christen Clifford’s “Interior Portrait, Lydia” (2022) courtesy of the artist