Dream & Drive

Nearly a decade of The Kills captured in photographer Kenneth Cappello's new book


Following the life of the band The Kills both on stage and on the road, photographer Kenneth Cappello shot more than 600 rolls of film of bandmates Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince in the last nine years. Capturing the raw energy of this garage punk duo is “Dream & Drive,” Cappello’s new book archiving more than 20,000 images culled from his expansive library. The book hits the US this month after being announced this spring.


Cappello began to photograph Mosshart and Hince in 2003 while they were filming scenes for their documentary, “I Hate the Way You Love.” These moments in Paris proved to be the beginning of a bond that led to a fruitful relationship. Cappello came along for the ride in subsequent years, cultivating that special relationship of musician and photographer as the moments of their exploits unfolded.

The-Kills-3.jpg The-Kills-4.jpg

Known for their intense emotions on and off the stage, The Kills perform with additional drummers or pulsing drum machines to enhance the atmosphere of their bracing songs. This distinct sound of Mosshart’s raw vocals and the intense and frenetic sounds of Hince’s guitar have captivated a loyal fan base over the years. The imagery in “Dream & Drive” offers an intimate glimpse into what makes them tick, capturing not only the magnitude of their sound on stage, but also the quiet moments they share off stage.


Cappello’s “Dream & Drive” will be released in North America to select bookstores on 16 August 2012. Preorder now from Domino or Amazon.