Fabriclive 27: DJ Format


If you started with the general vibe of the Beastie Boys's Check Your Head, updated it with some of the best left-of-center hip-hop out there, smoothed it out with rare tracks from the 60s and beyond, and mixed it together seamlessly, the result would sound something like DJ Format's Fabriclive 27. The funk-infused album features Lyrics Born's smooth California flow, Cut Chemist's turntablist skills, vintage Ella Fitzgerald and Nina Simone tracks, Ananda Shankar's avant-Indian sounds, and even a cameo from Grammy-nominated producer Linda Perry—among other more off-the-radar musicians. A testament to Format's knack for giving new life to old obscure gems, this release is why DJs exist.

Due out 6 June 2006, order it from Fabric or preorder from Amazon.

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