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Playful psych-pop, laidback R&B, a mesmerizing cover version and a farewell to an icon of house music

Paul Johnson: Music’s in Me Paul Johnson, a pioneer and champion of house music, has passed away at 50 years old. He began DJing at just 13 in Chicago, eventually making infectious dance anthems that remain beloved all over the world. Best known for 1999’s “Get Get Down” (which landed in the top 10 in Belgium, France, the Netherlands and the UK), Johnson was an …

SOPHIE: BIPP (Autechre Remix)

On Saturday, the world lost the visionary, treasured and trailblazing artist SOPHIE (aka Sophie Xeon) who passed away aged 34. Back in 2013, the Scotland-born musician’s banger “BIPP” emerged, rejecting trends within electronic music in favor of kick-drums, high-res squeaky sounds (made on an Elektron Monomachine and Ableton Live) and pitched-up vocals, all the while leaving plenty of blank space. Beyond her solo work, SOPHIE …

Lane 8 feat. Julia Church: Oh, Miles

Lane 8 (aka Denver-based DJ and producer Daniel Goldstein) taps Julia Church for vocals on “Oh, Miles,” out now via This Never Happened. Atmospheric and engaging, the track incorporates roaring synths, crescendoing drum patterns and floating sonic elements. Church’s ethereal vocals match the otherworldly instrumental, making the track both comforting and hypnotic.