I wish all documentary filmmakers could rock Nikes to make films, but this time around, it’s a Brazilian story being told. In the vein of last spring’s Art of Speed film collaborations, tonight RES presents a screening and event of the Nike-sponsored documentary film about Ginga (loosely translates to “art of movement”) and the sport of futebol in Brazil. Executive produced by Fernando Meirelles, the director of the incredible film City of God, the film highlights futebol players at both the local and national level in Brazil, and captures six different players, in different regions and in various arenas of play all around the Brazilian wonderland – the beach, the street, the sandlot. The film is about an hour long, directed by Hank Levine, Tocha Alves, and Marcelo Machado from O2 Films. Meirelles rhapsodizes, “Ginga is the Brazilian secret ingredient to the world’s most beautiful game.”
The film is currently awaiting wider distribution, unless you’re lucky enough to catch it at one of these special RES/Nike events.

Nike’s inspiration is this je ne sais quoi of Brazilian people – which they have capped with the term Ginga – for infusion into their global spring sportswear collection, in addition to several smaller retail spin-offs, such as three different colorwaves for shoppers (for use in customizing the Dunk, Presto, and Zoom FC). The line will feature graphics designed by the Aprendiz School in Sao Paulo, and 1950s Copcabana-inspired apparel from the Brazillian fashion designer Jum Nakao. The graffiti celebrities Os Gemeos have created work for display at the afterparty, in a continuing relationship with the shoe company we love to hate (on). (OG have created public works for Nike in Los Angeles in the past, and they are designing a shoe as part of the Ginga thing). I guess there’s nothing left to do but – Ginga!