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Madonna’s Disco Love


As with everything Madonna does, she does it with style, creativity and of course a ton of mystery. Step by step, Madge is revealing information about her forthcoming all-dance album, Confessions on a Dancefloor. The first single, the electro-disco-inspired “Hung Up,†is set to drop Oct. 17, with the album hitting stores Nov. 15. (I’ve heard about one minute of "Hung Up" and if it’s indicative of the rest of the album, this winter is going to be H-O-T-T.)

Madonna just slipped the artwork for the album’s cover on her official website. The image shows Madonna on the ground, in a ballet-dance-yoga sort of pose, wearing ‘70s-inspired silky short-shorts and flowy top, high heels and silky strawberry hair, a la Julianne Moore in Boogie nights.

But what’s most striking to me about the design is the choice of the logotype for her name. If there’s a more iconic image of the cocaine-fueled nights of Studio 54 than a disco ball, I beg you to tell me.

While the album doesn't drop for a couple of months, you can pre-order it now.


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