Three New MoMA Store Additions


The Museum of Modern Art's popular design store added some clever new items recently, all of which aimed to help you further personalize your personal space. The Exhibit Your Art Pad (pictured at right) is a stack of sticky note pages that feature a stylized blue frame on the border. As such, anything you write in the center—whether a doodle or detailed painting—is immediately a framed work of art and ready for display, which is as simple as placing it on any surface. Each pad costs $12 and is recommended to accompany the MoMA's current exhibition, "Color Chart: Reinventing Color."


The Chalkboard Napkin Rings (pictured at left) come straight out of Jörg Gätjens' German workshops, which feature contributions from the physically challenged. The rings serve the dual purpose of holding napkins, while acting as place cards for dinner parties. You can use the white pencil to write on the rings and the included sponge to erase messages before reusing. They come in a set of four that costs $65.


The Magnetic Cork Pin Cushion (right) adds a third dimension to the usual flat bulletin board. Designed by Blanc & Reed, each cushion consists of a dome-shaped piece of cork on top of a magnet. They can then be fixed to any metallic surface, like a refrigerator, where you can use the six pins to attach grocery lists or whatever messages you want to send to your housemates. A set of two cushions runs for $10.

All of the items, of course, can be found in your local MoMA Store and online.