More Than A Game


An unsuspecting tearjerker, the upcoming documentary, "More Than A Game" explores the days before LeBron James became King James and was instead simply a kid in Akron, Ohio, in love with the game of basketball.

Like the title promises, "More Than A Game" delivers more than a simple documentary about the NBA superstar. Long before he reined professionally, LeBron played alongside high school teammates and best friends—dubbed the Fab Five—all equally important both in the film and on the court.

Providing great insight on each of the five, the emotional backstory contributes to the overwhelming urge to see the team succeed as they're led by coach Dru Joyce each year to the finals.

Playing together since the fifth grade, the hardships endured individually and collectively helped them move beyond teammates and into a familial setting. Never wanting to let each other down, the Fab Five became an unstoppable force, beating teams around the nation.


CH had the chance to screen the movie in Akron at the unveiling of Nike's Air Max LeBron VII shoe, where we also heard more from Coach Dru Joyce and toured the town that was once home to one of the most winning high school basketball teams of all time.


"More Than A Game" debuts in theaters on 2 October 2009.

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