New Program Provides Guaranteed Income For NYC Artists in Need

Open for applications until 25 March, Creatives Rebuild New York is a new initiative that will provide guaranteed income to NYC artists in need through two programs: one offering $1,000 a month for 18 months with no strings attached, and the other providing a two-year job with a community organization or municipality, paying $65,00 per year. 2,400 recipients will be chosen for the former program while 300 will be picked for the latter. To qualify, applicants need only be based in New York State, be an artist—which the program broadly defines as “someone who regularly engages in artistic or cultural practice”—and show proof of financial need. The application process will also include accommodations for non-English speakers or those with disabilities to be accessible to everyone, especially to those from overlooked communities. Learn more about this necessary program and how it considers the labor and importance of art at The New York Times.

Image courtesy of Nina Westervelt/The New York Times