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People’s Biennial

A grassroots art campaign takes an exhibit of hidden America on the road


In an effort to highlight artists from five U.S. cities not typically considered artistic hotbeds, the People’s Biennial features the work of 36 artists from Portland, OR; Rapid City, SD; Winston-Salem, NC; Scottsdale, AZ and Haverford, PA. Presented by non-profit organization Independent Curators International and curated by Harrell Fletcher (of Learning to Love You More fame) and Jens Hoffmann, the traveling exhibition unites overlooked and undiscovered artists alike for a realistic portrait of creativity in America.

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The grassroots art campaign features an array of works spanning photographic documentation of military life in the heartland, video installations of biological activity in urban ecosystems to complex marble-like statues created out of soap bars. Artists were selected through the democratic process of open-calls and events during the past year, where the curators hand-selected the body of work currently on display.


The exhibit will travel through each of the five communities, stopping first in Portland, OR where it will reside at the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art until 17 Oct 2010. From there, the exhibit will continue to travel around the U.S. through 2 March 2012.


For more information including the exhibition schedule, visit the People’s Biennial website.



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